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Disposal of Garden Waste 13 Jun

Proper Disposal of Garden Waste

In any home, you can find different types of waste. Food waste, paper waste, and other typical kinds of household waste.

Out of all the kinds of waste you commonly find in a home, garden waste is probably one of the easiest to deal with. Garden waste such as tree branches and fallen leaves can simply be reused in your garden. It can be added to your compost and used as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

But not every home has a compost bin and sometimes, yard waste can just be too much to be kept in the home. This usually happens after you carry out an extensive spring up cleaning of your garden.

So, if you have excessive garden waste, how do you deal with it?

You have several options to choose from in disposing garden waste in Vancouver. If you don’t do composting, you can do the following instead:

Use the yard waste as mulch. Trees and plants need water and moist soil to grow big and healthy. Mulch can be your best friend in helping the soil retain its moisture to effectively facilitate the healthy growth of your plants. Yard waste such as branches and leaves may be used as mulch.

Rent a disposal bin. Renting a disposal bin and loading all your yard waste into it will make your garden clean in no time. The bin rental company will take care of your garden waste for you.
Drop off the waste at transfer stations. Garden waste may be dropped off at local transfer stations to be composted. You need to settle composting fee for your garden waste to be composted. If you plan to deposit your yard waste at a transfer station, keep in mind that only the following garden wastes are accepted: branches, leaves, grass, and clean and untreated wood. Plastics, stones, rocks, soil, dirt, and artificial wood products are not accepted.