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Reduce Paper Waste 16 May

Ways to Reduce Paper Waste In your Household

Every year, Canada makes use of around 6 million tonnes of paper and paper products, according to Environment Canada.

One of the best things about paper and paper products is that they can be recycled. And, numerous private and government agencies are fully capable of recycling paper to save some space in landfills.

Even though recycling is a good thing, the process of recycling itself still uses energy. This is why while recycling is generally regarded as good, reducing paper use would still be a lot better. If you reduce paper use, the amount of paper you would need to recycle will be reduced too – saving much-needed energy.

There are several ways you can reduce paper waste in your household:

1. Go paperless. For your invoices, bills, and receipts opt for digital copies rather than printed out ones. They are basically the same; just don’t forget to keep a copy your receipts and important documents in your computer.

2. Give up a subscription to printed reading materials. In present times, almost every reading material that used to be available only in print now has digital or paperless versions. Today, we have ebooks, online magazines, even in online newspapers.

3. Take full advantage of what technology has to offer. If you want to make a list of something, or want to mark something on the calendar, use your mobile phone or computer instead of writing on a notebook or a printed calendar.

4. Use cloth table napkin instead of disposable paper napkins. Even though paper napkins are easier to use since they need to require washing, ditch them. Cloth table napkins are the better choice, and not to mention, more affordable one since you don’t have to buy a new one every time you eat.

5. Instead of throwing paper in the trash, shred them and use them for your compost bin. Paper and paper products are perfect to be used for your compost to make the plants in your garden healthier.